Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry provides encouragement, educational, financial resources, and a comforting ear to anyone whose life has been touched by cancer.


We offer resources to help cancer patients, survivors and their families maintain quality of life while fighting cancer.

We are survivors, and foster hope by sharing our stories.

We are available to offer a hug, a hand or a kind ear to cancer fighters and their families.

We promote healthy lives during and after cancer recovery with tips, activities, and events.


Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry’s goal is to provide caring support to those on the cancer journey. While everyone’s journey is different, everyone needs to be encouraged to fight the fight of life.

When a diagnosis is given, the family needs a place to learn how to support their loved one through this journey. Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry provides support to the entire family and support team.

Touch of Love:
Gifts to Children with Cancer

When a child is diagnosed with cancer the entire family is affected. We are taking gifts to children July 22, 2017.  You can be a part of this blessing by supporting a child today.  Your donation today will bring a smile to a face and joy in the hearts of children.

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Support Groups

Group meetings to educate and support cancer fighters and their caregivers.

Fun events to help lighten the spirit and connect with others.

A friend to be at your side while you’re fighting cancer.

Learn how to build your own support group.

Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry is a community working to support cancer fighters and their caregivers.

The US pastor at the frontline of cancer care

The US pastor who prays with her congregation for their recovery from cancer. Listen to more The Truth About Cancer 📻 http://bbc.in/2v9IvCi

Posted by BBC World Service on Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Become a Care Ambassador by volunteering your time to help Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry win the fight against cancer.